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Felix Mallard – A Multi-Talented Australian Star!

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Felix Mallard

A rising star in the entertainment world, Felix Mallard, has won over audiences with charm and talent. Starting from simple beginnings and then getting a big role in the popular Australian soap opera Neighbours, they’ve quickly become well-known in the entertainment world.

Felix Mallard, the Australian-American actor and musician, rose to fame through roles like Ben Kirk in “Neighbours” and Marcus Baker in “Ginny & Georgia.” With diverse talents, from fencing to starring in Netflix hits, Mallard continues to charm audiences worldwide.

This article explores Felix Mallard’s fascinating journey, covering his early life, Hollywood transition, significant career milestones, personal details, and upcoming projects. Dive into the life of this talented actor with a comprehensive look at his story.

Who Is Felix Mallard? – Lets Find Out! 

Felix Mallard is a talented Australian-American actor and musician known for his TV and movie roles. Born on April 20, 1998, in Melbourne, Australia, Felix started his journey in the entertainment world by playing Ben Kirk in the soap opera “Neighbours” when he was just 15 years old.

He later moved to the United States, starred in the CBS comedy “Happy Together,” and gained even more recognition as Marcus Baker in the popular Netflix series “Ginny & Georgia.”

Growing up in Melbourne, Felix was into acting and loved music. He plays the guitar, piano, and drums and is part of a punk rock band called Enemies Alike.

Apart from his artistic side, Felix is also a skilled fencer, winning medals in state and national championships when he was younger.

With his friendly charm and versatility, Felix Mallard has become a rising star, captivating audiences worldwide with his acting and musical talents.

The Fantastic Details Of Felix Mallard – An Overview!

Full nameFelix Cooper Mallard
Date of birth20th April 1998
Age25 years 
Place of birthMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
Current residenceUnited States of America
Zodiac signTaurus
Height5 ft 10 
Weight67 kg
Hair colourDark brown
Eye colourHazel
Marital statusSingle
FatherDave Mallard
MotherJane Mallard
ProfessionActor, musician, model, and singer
Net Worth$2 million

Early Life And Education – Explore Now!

Early Life And Education
Source: popbuzz

In the early part of his life, Felix Mallard was born on April 20, 1998, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Growing up, he had a regular family with his dad, Dave Mallard, his mom, Jane Mallard, and a sister.

Felix had a happy childhood in Melbourne, where he developed his love for music and even started learning to play instruments like the guitar, piano, and drums.

For school, Felix went to St Mary’s College, which used to be called Christian Brothers College. He was a good student and even became a College Prefect.

After finishing high school in 2015, known as the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), he also took a course in Technical Production. 

Felix enjoyed being active, trying out fencing at the age of ten, and even winning medals in championships.

During his school days, he discovered his passion for acting and, unexpectedly, got into modeling at thirteen, signing with Vivien’s Models. This marked the beginning of Felix’s exciting journey into entertainment.

Felix Mallard’s Family – Lets Taka A Look!

Felix Mallard’s parents are Dave Mallard and Jane Mallard. He has a younger sister named Tiana Mallard. The Mallard family, hailing from Melbourne, Australia, has been described as musical, with Dave playing the guitar and singing.

 Growing up in this creative environment, Felix developed his passion for music, learning to play the guitar and piano at a young age.

The Mallard family’s support and musical background have played a role in shaping Felix’s journey in both acting and music.

Career Beginnings In Acting – Don’t Miss Out!

Career Beginnings In Acting

Felix Mallard’s journey in acting began when he was just 15 years old. In 2014, he made his debut by taking over the role of Ben Kirk in the Australian television soap opera “Neighbours” for a short but impactful three-week, six-episode guest stint.

Surprisingly, Felix landed this opportunity through his modeling agent, winning an audition that he hadn’t even planned for. 

This experience became a turning point, making him realize his passion for acting, and he returned for a further four-month guest stint the following year, all while still attending school.

After finishing high school, Felix pursued working full-time and rejoined “Neighbours” as a permanent cast member in 2016. 

His interest in music also found its way into his character, where he frequently played music on the show. Alongside his soap opera stint, Felix expanded his creative horizons, starring in online spin-offs like “Xanthe  Ben” and the webisode series “Summer Stories” in 2016.

Despite saying goodbye to “Neighbours” in 2018, Felix’s early steps in acting set the stage for a promising career that would soon take him to international screens and new heights.

Felix Mallard’s Transition to Hollywood – A Star Rises in the USA!

Felix Mallard’s journey took an international turn as he transitioned to Hollywood, marking a significant chapter in his career.

In 2018, he moved to the United States, embracing new opportunities and challenges in the entertainment capital.

Quickly making waves, Felix secured the role of popstar Cooper James in the CBS comedy series “Happy Together.” 

This move showcased his acting prowess and highlighted his ability to adapt to diverse roles on the global stage.

The transition to Hollywood marked a pivotal moment in Felix’s career, opening doors to a broader audience and cementing his status as a rising star in the industry.

Felix Mallard’s Net Worth – Explore His Financial Success!

Felix Mallard’s Net Worth
Source: Pinterest

Felix Mallard, a talented actor and musician, is estimated to have a net worth of around $2 million. This means he has earned much money from his work in TV shows and movies.

His success comes from his dedication to acting, and he has been part of many popular shows and films. 

His net worth is like a big sum of money that shows how well he has done in his career. It includes the money he earned from acting in TV shows, movies, and other projects.

Felix Mallard’s journey in the entertainment world, where he serves and makes music, has brought him recognition and financial success.

His $2 million net worth is a testament to his talent and the effort he puts into his work.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Felix Mallard involved in any musical projects?

Besides playing musical instruments, Felix Mallard is a guitarist and singer in the punk rock band Enemies Alike, which has performed in various venues around Melbourne.

2. How did Felix Mallard gain popularity on social media?

Felix Mallard’s popularity on social media, especially on Instagram, significantly increased after the release of “Ginny & Georgia,” reaching over 3 million followers. The success of the show contributed to his growing online presence.

3. Has Felix Mallard pursued modeling?

Yes, Felix was scouted by a modeling agent at the age of 13 and signed with Vivien’s Models. He has been featured in several campaigns, including an editorial spread in Yves Magazine.

4. What hobbies or activities does Felix Mallard enjoy in his free time?

Felix Mallard enjoys spending time with his family and loved ones in his free time, reflecting his appreciation for close relationships outside of his professional life.


Felix Mallard shines bright in the world of entertainment with his talent and charm. From his humble beginnings to Hollywood success, he continues to captivate hearts. A rising star, Felix’s journey is one of inspiration and promise.


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