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Zephyrhills Water Recall – Stay Informed And Ensure Your Safety!

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The recent Zephyrhills water recall has highlighted a crucial aspect of consumer safety, sparking questions about the reasons behind this notable event. In this investigation, we examine the specifics of the recall.

Zephyrhills Water Recall Alert: Blue Triton, FL, recalls 1964 Zephyrhills 100% Natural Spring Water due to excessive Bromate levels, surpassing the FDA limit. Over 300,000 cases were affected, posing health concerns.

Learning about the Zephyrhills water recall worried me since I used it daily. Finding out that a brand I trusted might have health issues made me think twice about what I chose. Now, I’m careful about the brands I charge for my and my family’s safety.

What is Zephyrhills Water Recall? – All You Need To Know

In our daily lives, water is a must-have, and when it comes to that, Zephyrhills is a brand we rely on to keep our families hydrated and healthy.

But with the recent Zephyrhills water recall, many of us wonder what happened to our beloved bottled water brand. The recall was sparked by concerns beyond the brand, raising important questions about environmental and health issues.

In this article, we’ll dig deeper to help you understand what caused the Zephyrhills water recall that has worried many people. Just keep reading to get the details!

What is Zephyrhills water? – Uncover The Secrets Of Zephyrhills Aqua! 

What is Zephyrhills water
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Established in 1964, it’s not just a well-known brand; it’s a symbol of reliability. Renowned for its 100% natural spring water, Zephyrhills, currently overseen by Blue Triton after its acquisition from Nestle, has been a preferred choice, providing a refreshing taste drawn from Crystal Springs in Florida.

Its acclaim goes beyond mere marketing; it’s built on a foundation of trust cultivated over the years. However, recent developments, notably a substantial recall, have brought Zephyrhills into the limelight, prompting a closer examination beyond its refreshing taste.

Reason Behind the Recall – Find Out Why The Recall Happened Now!

The recall is due to higher levels of Bromate found in the finished product, exceeding the FDA’s allowed limit. Bromate is a substance that can pose health risks when consumed in excessive amounts.

Recommended Actions:

1. Check Your Bottles: 

Look for the affected product – 1964 Zephyrhills 100% Natural Spring Water. Check the label and any identifying marks to see if it matches the recalled batches.

2. Stop Consumption: 

If you have the recalled water, stop drinking it immediately. Your safety is the top priority.

3. Seek Replacements: 

Contact Zephyrhills or the place where you purchased the water for information on replacements or refunds.

4. Stay Informed: 

Keep an eye on reputable news sources and the official Zephyrhills website for updates on the recall. Being well-informed ensures you can take necessary actions promptly.

What Caused the Recent Zephyrhills Water Recall? – Uncover The Facts Now!

What Caused the Recent Zephyrhills Water Recall
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0.010 milligrams per liter is a small amount; our health is crucial. Bromate, a chemical formed during water disinfection, raised immediate health concerns due to its potential links to kidney issues and cancer in animals.

In July 2023, Blue Triton recalled over 300,000 cases of 1964 Zephyrhills 100% Natural Spring Water due to elevated bromate levels surpassing the FDA’s safety limit of 10 parts per billion.

The FDA’s alert prompted Zephyrhills to act swiftly, prioritizing consumer safety. So, if you’ve been puzzled by the Zephyrhills water recall, rest assured that both the company and the FDA took necessary steps to protect consumers.

Find out which Zephyrhills Water was Recalled – Get the Simple Facts now!

Are you curious if your Zephyrhills bottle is affected by the recall? The focus was on the 1964 Zephyrhills 100% Natural Spring Water in 16.9 FL Oz (500 mL) bottles, available in 24pk and 40pk. More than 304,470 cases mark a notable event in Zephyrhills’ history. 

If you bought these items, it’s recommended not to drink the water but to throw it away. It’s a reminder to stay vigilant about what we use and how companies act swiftly to keep consumers safe.

Zephyrhills Delays New Projects Over Water Supply Issues – Your awareness matters!

Zephyrhills Delays New Projects Over Water Supply Issues
Source: abcactionnews

Beyond the recall, Zephyrhills, the largest city in Pasco County, is dealing with a water availability crisis. This has resulted in a temporary pause on new development and annexation applications in the town.

As the city’s water usage approaches its limit and future needs rise, this choice highlights the struggle to balance growth with preserving natural resources. The renowned Zephyrhills water, crucial to the city’s reputation, plays a central role in making this decision.

The city’s water permit allows 3.3 million gallons per day, but the numbers don’t support a sustainable future, with daily usage already at 2.5 million gallons.

The decision to halt development reflects the bigger problem of water scarcity and the importance of responsible resource management, a crucial topic just as essential as the water supply. 

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions):

1. What health concerns are associated with bromate?

Long-term exposure to high levels of bromate has been linked to kidney effects and cancer in laboratory animals, raising immediate health concerns.

2.What led to the Zephyrhills water recall?

The Zephyrhills water recall was initiated due to elevated levels of bromate in the finished product, surpassing the FDA’s Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) of 10 parts per billion.

3. Is Fluoride Present in Zephyrhills Water?

Yes, Zephyrhills provides 8 oz bottle options with added fluoride for consumers seeking dental health benefits. Ensure to check labels or product details, as non-fluoridated spring water options are also available for those who prefer natural spring water without added fluoride.

4. Is Zephyrhills still under Nestle’s ownership?

No, Zephyrhills is no longer owned by Nestle. Blue Triton currently manages the brand after being sold by Nestle.

5. Is Zephyrhills water safe for consumption?

Zephyrhills water is deemed safe to drink, meeting stringent quality and safety standards for 100% natural spring water.


The Zephyrhills water recall underscores the need to stay vigilant about everyday product safety. Blue Triton’s quick response shows a dedication to consumer health.

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