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Richard Dawson Wife – Click Here To Discover!

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Richard Dawson Wife

Explore the romantic journey of Richard Dawson, the beloved game show host, through his marriages to Diana Dors and Gretchen Johnson.

Richard Dawson had two wifes. His first wife was Diana Dors, and they had two sons together. After they divorced, Richard married Gretchen Johnson, with whom he had a daughter.

Delve into the personal life of this iconic figure in entertainment, known for his charm on-screen and his enduring love off-screen.

Richard Dawson’s Early Years And Start Of Career – Delve Into His Fascinating Journey! 

Richard Dawson, born Colin Lionel Emm on November 20, 1932, in Gosport, Hampshire, England, emerged into a world marred by the shadows of World War II.

Source: closerweekly

Raised amidst the chaos of conflict, young Dawson’s formative years were shaped by the upheaval of evacuation and the constant threat of bombings. 

Despite the adversity, his indomitable spirit persevered. Evacuated alongside his brother John, Dawson’s education was disrupted, and he navigated the tumultuous waters of wartime England. During these challenging times, 

Dawson’s resilience and resourcefulness began to shine. At the tender age of 14, his decision to leave his family and join the British Merchant Navy reflected his determination to forge his path and his willingness to confront adversity head-on.

Venturing into the realm of entertainment, Dawson’s early career was marked by a blend of audacity and ambition.

Initially adopting the stage name “Dіckie Dawson,” he embarked on a journey that would ultimately lead him to embrace the persona of Richard Dawson.

His transition from the rigors of naval life to the bright lights of show business was a testament to his adaptability and versatility. 

Dawson’s talents flourished as he honed his craft, earning him early recognition for his comedic prowess and stage presence.

Though his path was fraught with challenges, Dawson’s unwavering determination and innate charisma laid the foundation for a career that would ultimately redefine the entertainment landscape.

Journey In Acting – From Film To Television!

Richard Dawson’s transition into acting marked a significant chapter in his life, encompassing film and television roles.

His versatility and talent allowed him to leave an indelible mark in both mediums, captivating audiences with his performances.

In the 1960s, Dawson debuted on the silver screen with notable roles in films such as “The Longest Day” and “King Rat.”

Richard Dawson Journey In Acting
Source: closerweekly

These early appearances showcased his ability to inhabit diverse characters, earning him recognition as a promising talent in the film industry.

Simultaneously, Dawson ventured into the realm of television, where he showcased his comedic prowess on popular shows like “The Jack Benny Program” and “The Dіck Van Dyke Show.”

His charm and comedic timing endeared him to audiences, laying the groundwork for a successful television career.

However, his role as Corporal Peter New Kirk in the hit series “Hogan’s Heroes” propelled Dawson to widespread fame.

His portrayal of the witty and resourceful New Kirk solidified his status as a television star, garnering him a loyal fanbase and critical acclaim.

Dawson balanced his work between film and television throughout his career, delivering memorable performances in projects such as “The Devil’s Brigade” and “Treasure Island.”

His ability to seamlessly transition between mediums underscored his versatility as an actor, earning him respect and admiration from his peers.

Richard Dawson’s acting career was defined by his versatility, talent, and ability to captivate audiences on the silver and small screens.

From comedic roles to dramatic performances, Dawson left an indelible mark on the entertainment world, solidifying his legacy as a versatile and beloved actor.

Beloved Game Show Host – Click To Uncover The Fascinating Story!

Richard Dawson’s most enduring legacy is undoubtedly his iconic role as the host of “Family Feud.” This beloved game show, which aired from 1976 to 1985 and later from 1994 to 1995, showcased Dawson’s charisma, wit, and unique charm, earning him a special place in the hearts of viewers.

As the host of “Family Feud,” Dawson became known as “The Kissing Bandit” for his habit of affectionately kissing female contestants on the cheek.

Despite initial skepticism from television executives, this endearing gesture became the show’s trademark, charming Dawson to audiences and contributing to its immense popularity.

Beyond the kisses, Dawson’s hosting style was characterized by his playful banter with contestants, quick wit, and genuine warmth. He had a knack for making contestants feel at ease and creating an atmosphere of fun and excitement.

Richard Dawson Beloved Game Show Host
Source: nypost

Under Dawson’s guidance, “Family Feud” reached new heights of success, becoming one of television’s most beloved and enduring game shows.

His influence on the show was undeniable, and his legacy continues to live on through the countless memories and moments he created for generations of viewers.

Even after his tenure as host ended, Dawson’s impact on “Family Feud” remained palpable, serving as a testament to his enduring legacy in entertainment.

Today, the show continues to entertain audiences worldwide, a testament to Dawson’s timeless appeal and lasting contribution to television history.

Personal Story – Love, Sadness, And What He Left Behind!

In addition to his marriages, Richard Dawson’s personal life was marked by his deep love for his family. He was known to be a devoted father and husband, cherishing the time spent with his children and wife, Gretchen Johnson. 

Despite the demands of his career, Dawson prioritized creating lasting memories with his loved ones, often spending quality time together at their home in Beverly Hills, California.

However, tragedy struck when Dawson was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Despite undergoing medical treatment, his condition worsened, ultimately leading to his passing on June 2, 2012, at the age of 79.

His death left a profound void in the lives of his family members and fans worldwide, who mourned the loss of a beloved entertainer.

Despite his passing, Richard Dawson’s legacy lives on through his enduring contributions to the entertainment industry and the fond memories of those who knew him.

His impact on television, particularly as the iconic host of “Family Feud,” continues to be celebrated, ensuring that his influence will be remembered for future generations.

Honoring His Legacy – Remembering The Impact He Made!

Richard Dawson was a beloved figure who left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. He was known for his role as the host of “Family Feud,” where he became affectionately known as “The Kissing Bandit” for his habit of kissing female contestants.

Despite initial resistance, Dawson’s endearing antics endeared him to viewers, making the show successful.

In his personal life, Dawson experienced both love and loss. He was married twice, first to Diana Dors, with whom he had two sons, and later to Gretchen Johnson, with whom he had a daughter.

Tragically, Dawson passed away in 2012 due to oesophageal cancer, but his legacy continues to live on in the hearts of fans and loved ones alike.

More About Richard Dawson – His Influence and Contributions!

Richard Dawson More About Richard Dawson
Source: edition

Beyond his entertainment career, Richard Dawson contributed notably to various social and political causes.

In the 1960s and 1970s, he actively participated in liberal movements, including the Selma to Montgomery protests, demonstrating his commitment to social justice and equality.

Dawson’s involvement in the political sphere extended to his support for candidates such as George McGovern during the 1972 presidential elections.

His dedication to the causes he believed in showcased his passion for making a positive difference in the world beyond entertainment.

Furthermore, Dawson’s influence extended to his philanthropic efforts, as he supported numerous charitable organizations. His generosity and compassion impacted those in need, reflecting his belief in giving back to the community.

Overall, Richard Dawson’s legacy transcends the entertainment industry, encompassing his advocacy for social change and philanthropic endeavors.

As we reflect on his life and contributions, we honor his enduring legacy and indelible mark on the world.


1. How many times was Richard Dawson married?

Richard Dawson was married twice in his lifetime.

2. What was Richard Dawson’s cause of death?

Richard Dawson passed away due to oesophageal cancer on June 2, 2012.

3. What was Richard Dawson’s most famous role?

Richard Dawson’s most iconic role was as the host of the game show “Family Feud.”

4. How did Richard Dawson meet his second wife?

Richard Dawson met his second wife, Gretchen Johnson, on the set of “Family Feud.”

5. What were the names of Richard Dawson’s children?

Richard Dawson had two sons from his first marriage: Mark and Gary. He also had a daughter, Shannon Nicole Dawson, with his second wife.

6. What was Richard Dawson’s impact beyond entertainment?

Richard Dawson was involved in various social and political causes, including liberal movements and philanthropic endeavors.


Richard Dawson was married twice. His first wife was Diana Dors, with whom he had two sons. After their divorce, Richard wed Gretchen Johnson and had a daughter together.

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